Jackie has taught me Iyengar Style Yoga for the last three years in one to one classes. The benefits of this to my core strength, flexibility and posture became noticeable after my first couple of sessions and increased enormously as I continued practising. Jackie’s teaching method particularly draws attention to body position and breathing, two elements which I did not understand the importance of when practising yoga with other teachers. It was easy to understand her instruction and I felt the difference instantaneously when correcting a position.  Jackie tailored each class to suit my needs and took into account if I was unwell or had an injury. She quickly adapted poses I found too difficult to ease me into them and took me from a beginner to a confident intermediate with both care and attention. I came out of the sessions feeling strong and rejuvenated and am sad to lose her as a teacher due to her relocation.

Beth <beth_taylor@hotmail.co.uk>

I attended Jackie’s classes for seven years until she moved to Scotland. She has an ability to work at an individual level within a group, particularly using blocks, bricks and belts, meaning that we would often be achieving the same pose but in different ways. Although the classes rotated through a five -week programme, she brought new ideas and approaches each time; her gentle humour and flexible approach belies her strict yoga discipline. I always left the classes feeling energised and flexible. The classes have also helped me improve in my sports of climbing and white-water kayaking.
Matt Hughes <matt.hughes@ayearatsea.co.uk>


Jackie has been my yoga instructor for many years, I can't remember how many but over 9 maybe more.

She has taught me so much. I had already been practicing yoga for many years before attending Jackie's classes. But Jackie taught us how to get properly into each pose not just doing the pose as I had previously been taught.

She also taught me about my posture and how to improve this which has helped me so much in my everyday life immensely. (As I have scoliosis of the upper spine)

I very much miss Jackie and her classes, so does my body!

Ingrid Sales    ingrid@ingridsales.me.uk (Bristol)

I attended my first ever yoga session with Jackie simply to accompany a friend, and came sceptical about whether I could manage. My fears proved unfounded, as Jackie was a wonderful and very patient teacher, calmly and gently guiding me through beginners’ positions and movements, checking regularly with me to make sure I was managing alright and not getting myself into trouble! Her enthusiasm was infectious, and I felt in very safe hands! 

Callum Humphries


Jackie was my yoga instructor for around 5 years, until job pressures prevented me from attending the class.
It was a lovely small class with totally individual attention, my previous experience of yoga had been doing poses badly in a big class unnoticed, learning with Jackie was a completely new experience. Jackie patiently catered to all our different needs and levels and encouraged us to achieve our own individual best. We had a few laughs between us as well which for me made it more enjoyable. I became much more flexible and always left her classes feeling better than when I had arrived.

Julia Pettitt jspettitt@yahoo.co.uk

Jackie was my Yoga teacher for over ten years. Her classes catered for beginners to experts of all ages. I am now in my late sixty’s. Yoga has kept me fit and supple, a lot of people say I’m as fit as somebody twenty years younger. You do not need to be fit to take part in doing yoga.

All of the exercises you’ll do in class will help with daily living tasks such as tying shoelaces, carrying shopping, gardening, or playing with the grandchildren.

With all the benefits of exercise it really is worth keeping as active as possible. Yoga is focused on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve posture.

Miss Sue Hulin (Westbury on Trym, Bristol)

I have Known Jackie for about 9 years and she has taken a yoga class for that time. Jackie has always been very dedicated to her pupils and very patient towards us. I have found many benefits from this in keeping the body supple, being able to bend, stretch and balance my body much better. This has had a calming effect on mind and body, enabling me to relax with ease. The practice of yoga will help you into mature age as it has me. I am 80 years old and still practice yoga.

Brenda Tiley  (Horfield, Bristol)

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